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How to create an outdoor cinema in your back garden


Outdoor cinema screenings are big news this summer, but if you’ve not managed to get tickets to the open-air movie night in your local park, why not host one in your own backyard? It doesn’t “ve got to be” expensive- particularly if you can borrow a projector from a friend- and best of all, you’ll get to choose what movie to watch. Right, person pass the popcorn!

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Step 1. Find the right location


Whether you’re setting up your outdoor cinema at the bottom of the garden or on a balcony or roof terrace, make sure you have a piece of ground that’s dry and sheltered from the wind. You could use fairy illuminates to decorate the space, but make sure you turn them off before you start the movie so they don’t affect the picture. Also try to avoid pitching up in a place where streetlights or bright indoor illuminates might reflect against the screen.

To make the space extra special for your audience, spruce it up with paint beforehand. This fence is painted in Dusky Gem, PS24. 67 for 2.5 ltrs, Cuprinol, and the table is made from wooden pallets painted in Lavender, Wild Thyme and Fresh Rosemary, again, all PS24. 67 for 2.5 ltrs.

Step 2. Invest in a projector

Outdoor-projector-how-to-create-an-outdoor-cinema It used to be the case that decent projectors were tremendously expensive and could only be used in blackout situations, something hard to achieve in a living room, let alone in your garden. However, the latest models are bright enough to use with the illuminations on, and have plummeted in price. They’re also quieter and more compact, so you needn’t worry that an vexing whirr will spoil any dramatic moments.

When you’re shopping for a projector for your outdoor cinema, you’ll find each one has a lumen measurement. More lumens make it easier to see the projected image in bright conditions. In a garden after dark, we recommend at least 3000 lumens for a movie-theatre experience.

Step 3. Connect a video source

This could be a DVD or Blu Ray player, a laptop or a streaming device such as an Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV box, which you’ll need to connect to your projector through its HDMI port.

If you want great voice, you can connect a speaker through your projector’s 3.5 mm jack, or look for a model with Bluetooth. Go for the latter and you’ll be able to connect wirelessly to a Bluetooth soundbar or speaker, and set more bang into your blockbuster. Or if it’s late and you’re watching alone, you can connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones so you won’t disturb the neighbours.

Step 4. Create your cinema screen


The easiest way to do this is to peg a white sheet to your washing line. You may want to weigh it down at the bottom so that it doesn’t move around in the breeze.

You could also construct your own screen by stitching together pieces of blackout lining, which you can buy by the metre. Tack durations of lumber to the top and bottom and attach screw hooks to the top, then hang it over a row of fingernails on a wall or garden fence.

If money is no object, you could hire or buy an inflatable screen. Inflatable Products sells these, with costs starting from PS1, 345 for a 2m x 4m screen.

Step 5. Make sure your guests are comfy make-it-cosy-how-to-create-an-outdoor-cinema

If the best spot is on the lawn, lay a groundsheet on the grass to protect against any moisture or bottom-troubling boulders and stones, then layer blankets, cushions and beanbags to up the convenience factor. You could construct your pop-up outdoor cinema more sophisticated by throwing down a few carpets, and setting out chairs, benches or even hammocks to relax on.

Just make sure everyone has a good position, and maintain a few blankets aside or perhaps light a fire pit in case it gets colder later on.

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Step 6. Prepare a feast homemade-lemonade-how-to-create-an-outdoor-cinema

This could be as easy as pouring popcorn into bowls, and filling a bucket with ice and stocking with bottled drinkings, so all you have to do is reach down for a refill. For something more substantial, light up the barbecue or invest in an outdoor oven and host a pizza party.

You could also have a go at building your own lemonade. Simply mix the zest and juice from 6 lemons and 2 limes with 200 g of caster sugar, and 1.5 ltrs of just-boiled water. Leave the concoction to cool and then chill it in the fridge. We love this trick of using fairy cake examples to identify everyone’s drinkings while keeping insects at bay.

Whatever you decide to serve, don’t forget to light some citronella candles to ward off annoying mossies.

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