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Movie Review: Don’t Leave Home – horrorfuel.com


I took a gander at the Indie Irish horror film Don’t Leave Home. Before I tell you what I thought, you should know what the film’s about.

When an artist (Karrie Cox) is called upon to visit the home of a collector and commissioned to create a custom artwork she thinks that her luck may have finally changed. She couldn’t be wrong.

Once she arrives at the grand home she learns that the former priest is the wealthy collector that summoned her, but not everything is at it seems. One of her sculptures represents the strange disappearance of a young girl, who had her picture painted by the priest just before she went missing.

Her only contact while at the home is with the priest, the woman (Helena Bereen) who runs the home and their driver (David McSavage) who are all very strange.

Out of the cast, Helena Bereen stood out the most. Her character Shelly was dark and felt villainous with every harsh word and icy cold stare.

The film, which has supernatural undertones, is a slooow burn. Everything about the film is subtle. If you are expecting a frightening film, this one is not for you. The film is more about the story and mystery rather than trying to spook you. In fact, I would put it more in the supernatural drama category.

While the film did a great job of telling an interesting story, it could have gone bigger with the big reveal. I can’t help but feel the supernatural aspect of Don’t Leave Home did not pack the punch it should have. It feels as if writer-director Michael Tully played it too safe, which in the end left the film lacking. There was so much untapped potential for this Irish horror tale. I will say this, it has beautiful cinematography.

Don’t Leave Home is getting a 3 out of 5 from me.


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